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DIY Mask Kit

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These kits are designed to provide you with everything you need to make face coverings for your entire family from the safety of your own home.

Available to buy as a Single Kit, 2 Mask Kit or 4 Mask Kit. You will receive:
-Cotton or Linen Fabric (please read below)
-Mask patterns for adult, child aged 6-10 & child aged 2-5
-Safety Pins
-Needle & thread

Fabric Options:
The fabric you receive will be pulled at random from a choice of 4 categories:
-Plain Brights
-Plain Neutrals
-Surprise Kit (for example if you were buying a 4 Mask Kit you would receive a Plain Bright, Plain Neutral, Floral & Pattern piece of fabric)

Please be aware that fabrics change regularly, they may not be what you see here. Do email or message via Instagram if you're looking for specific colours & patterns.

These face masks are not a replacement for medical grade PPE, if medical grade PPE is required you should consult a health care professional.

The decision to use this mask is solely your own. The use of face masks is not intended to replace other recommended measures to stop the spread of COVID-19, such as social distancing, washing your hands and refraining from touching your face. 

'A cloth face covering should cover your mouth and nose while allowing you to breathe comfortably...Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser before putting it on and after taking it off and after use. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth at all times and store used face coverings in a plastic bag until you have an opportunity to wash them. Do not touch the front of the face covering, or the part of the face covering that has been in contact with your mouth and nose. Once removed, make sure you clean any surfaces the face covering has touched. You should wash a face covering regularly. It can go in with other laundry, using your normal detergent. When wearing a face covering, take care to tuck away any loose ends.' www.gov.uk